Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lykke Li - Little Bit

This song is straight up sexy. It is served best with a drink in hand, getting ready for a night on the dance floor, while debating if you should text that new crush of yours. It will ultimately lead to you texting that crush of yours after the catchy chorus gets stuck in your head. You have been warned. It can easily be followed up by my other favorite Lykke Li song, Tonight. Both of these songs grab my attention with her almost distant yet penetrating voice and simple background noises, whatever instrument/computer combo they may be. We have mentioned her before and if you didn't pay attention then, I am asking you to pay attention now. These two songs, Tonight and Little Bit are some of my favorites, they should be yours too. Since I like to mention where artists are from she is from Sweden. Why is it that these Scandinavian songstresses have some of the most hypnotic voices? I would really like to know. Lykkeli Myspace

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