Friday, April 30, 2010

DOM - Living in America

I think "Living in America" could blow up this summer with a little refinement. By "refinement" I mean this: while lots of indie fans adore the distortion in songs like this one, it doesn't get songs the popularity it deserves outside of the indie community, take out some distortion and you have a hit. If by chance a noteworthy DJ gets their hands on this and kicks it up a notch it is the soundtrack to our summer. This is also how I feel about Foster the People's "Pumped up Kicks" song.  It has a great beat, a catchy chorus, and lots of lo-fi hipster loving potential. Who doesn't want to sing along with "It's so sexy to be living in America?"....ok lots of people, I know, but still it's a fun song. DOM is a Worchester, Massachusetts band but the funny thing is that I found it on a Danish music blog under the title "Sexy to be livin' in Massachusetts". Their album, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, was surprisingly enjoyable with songs like "I wonder", "Burn Bridges", and "Jesus". Listen to more on their ridiculously hard to find myspace, luckily for you I did the hard work. You're welcome. Download by right + click save linked file or for mac ctrl + click download linked file. For two more songs from them go to this site to download.
"Forget all you haters, U-S-A is for lovers."

*picture is from The Phoenix

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