Monday, May 10, 2010

Simon Fagan - Damn Honey

This is a fun song from an Irish singer/songwriter who is about to release his debut album, Outside Looking In, on June 7th. Simon Fagan's song "Never Really Cried" recently won the International Songwriting Competition's category for Best Performance, which is a really outstanding accomplishment for this new musician. You can download his EP for FREE from his website and I highly suggest that you do. His song "Bring the Dance" is a great upbeat song on the EP. I chose "Damn Honey" for today because it is his first single that can be found on his new album and the line "damn honey you got it all going on tonight" sounds remarkably natural coming from his mouth. You can listen to more on his myspace and if you happen to be around Ireland this summer you could catch him at one of the many festivals he is playing. Enjoy.

Legally download "Damn Honey" for free:

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