Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Handful of Summer - Day Two

Sorry for yesterday here are a bunch of fresh tunes, actually some might be old, but I am not concerned with recently CD releases except for Sarah Harmers.

MP3: Sarah Harmer - Captive
Captive is from her album that came out yesterday, Oh Little Fire. I have always liked her folky chick with a guitar thing. Good stuff.

MP3: Club 8 - Western Hospitality 
While they sound nothing like super cheesy brit-pop/tv show band S Club 7, that is all I can think about when I see their band name. This is a fun one.

MP3: Catherine Feeny - Junk Queen
This is a duet with some guy that I don't feel like looking up. This is a folky song is about junkies being in love. Catherine Feeny also happens to sing one of my all time favorite songs "Mr. Blue"

MP3: Castledoor - Fifth Tambourine 
I know nothing about this band, this is the only song of theirs that I have but I love it because I would totally travel with a band just to play the fifth tambourine. And if you like Hey Marseille, this is sort of that type of band.

MP3: Tender Forever - Only The Sounds You Made
A pretty song about moving on.

Not the most summery grouping of songs but they are fairly new and fun. Hope you all like it! Soon I will be all caught up sorting through my new additions to my itunes library. Yay!

1 comment:

  1. loving these new songs, jessica! i finally took the time to download a bunch of the free downloads. thank you for making it so easy!


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