Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shugo Tokumaru makes the happiest music you've never heard


I like lyrics a lot, but when every detail of each and every song is surging with optimism, lyrics don't really matter. If you want to sing along to these songs you can just make up your own words or babble right along, at least thats what I do. "Rum Hee" sounds like Jonsi got stranded on a tropical island, left a few instruments in Iceland, and is having the happiest day of his life. Shugo Tokumaru also reminds me a bit of Rusted Root for some reason.  His newest album, Port Entropy, is currently only available in Japan but luckily a few singles found its way through the world wide web. His tour in Japan is also all sold out, I know because that was the only english on his official website. Click away.

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