Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three seriously good songs

Here are three seriously good songs and I promise none of them are chill-wave, dream pop, electronic whatever you want to call it. I am trying to ween myself off of that electro-obsession. So today it is just guitars, banjos, harpsichords, and drums. You absolutely must listen to all three of these songs because they are just that good.
MP3: The Mountains & The Trees - More & More & More
If you like the banjo, you will love this song. Then there are the lyrics "Sold my only guitar, put all my money to a broken car/ and I drove halfway across the country to get away/ from the very thing that follows me to this day/ and our love will endure more and more and more / Our love will find a way to haunt me every day." This song beautifully articulates an everlasting heart ache that I can identify with all too well. The first time I heard it, I put it on repeat and listened to it at least eight times. I wish it could be longer than 2:30 minutes. You can pre-order this Canadian's album and listen to his other songs on his myspace.

MP3: Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks
Here is an interesting murder/ghost story played to a haunting tune that draws you in. I love the way this one sounds. Check out her myspace.

MP3: Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday
This one has a quite a bit of reverb that masks the vocals but is still a good one to listen to on a hot and muggy day like this one. Listen to more on Wild Nothing's Myspace.

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