Monday, July 26, 2010

Backyard Tire Fire - Brady

Official | Download "Brady" for free | Buy album for $5
This is my college radio find of the day. While driving to work this came on and I was instantly hooked, I even started singing along to the chorus. Part of the instant attraction is that this story of "boy meets Amsterdam prostitute" sounds very similar to a story I heard once from some friends, so I couldn't help but laugh as the plot unfolded. It is one of those great silly stories that sounds best told in song. Paste Magazine said this about the band's sound: "Bloomington, IL’s Backyard Tire Fire sound like a drunkenly angry Tom Petty crawling out of a Florida swamp.” and it is fairly spot on. I really like their sound and reminds me of a bit of Spouse. I am also enjoying their other songs, "Good to Be" and "Ready or Not" which are great roots-rock songs. Check out their Sun Studios session where they play "Brady" in the video below. If you leave some simple information for the band you can have "Brady" delivered to your inbox for free using the link above. This is definitely a band worth delving into. 

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