Friday, July 16, 2010

Beach Traffic Playlist to Make People Stare and Want to Be Your Friend

You know how when you are stuck on that small two lane highway driving somewhere awesome like the beach on a friday afternoon and you start noticing and checking out all the other people inching right along with you? Well, let's talk about that.

Sometimes you get caught staring, sometimes you play games like "I will inch forward more than you so that I can sneakily use my peripheral vision to check you out", or my favorite "I am going to pick my nose because my car magically prevents anyone from seeing me do it" which is so not true. The game I play best is "Yeah our windows are both down and now I'm going to force you to listen to my loud music and you are going to like it!!!" To play this awesome stuck in traffic game and to provide endless amounts of fun, I suggest you upload this playlist to your ipod immediately so you can impress people with your stellar taste in music and make friends in traffic. (However, if you are stuck next to some creep that keeps trying to get your attention and you have to pretend you don't notice, there are songs on this list for that too.) So here it goes....(Zip file for the playlist will be available in the features tab in the near future)

1. DJ Antoine - Figaro
Nothing like blasting famous opera music to get people's attention and all of a sudden it becomes the best techno song you EVER heard.

2. Tomac - In Your Head
This song is for in case you just got the attention of the wrong person. It is super good for when you pretend your car can shoot laser beams at other cars to magically vaporize traffic. If you act that one out on the road the weirdo next to you will surely find a way to not be next to you any longer. Just remember this: "I want this creeper to shoo play track two!"

3. Kid Cudi - All Summer
So you got rid of the creeper next to you making room for that hottie to pull up. Play this track and they will think you are pretty swell for knowing a newly released Kid Cudi song, plus it has the word summer and sunshine in it. Bonus: Impress them with with knowledge that it also features a band member from Vampire Weekend (girls love vampire weekend especially if you are driving to the cape, kwassa kwassa y'all) and Best Coast.

4. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
Sleigh Bells are so hot right now, hansel. Even if people haven't heard this jam, they will be sure to like it. It's a fact of life.

5. Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours ft. Irfane
This is in case you pull up next to me and you want to see me sing along and do a car dance sans inhibitions. Or you can do that on your own too.

6. Matt Pond PA - Specks
That was a lot of work getting all those people to notice you, now you want to chill out. Or, if your significant other is in the car, dedicate this song to them. Trust me, you want to do this. "I believe in you and me and everything we'll ever see and do"

7. DJ Moule - Marleymania (bob marley vs. phoenix mash-up)
Who doesn't like a little reggae on the way to the beach, but with a twist.

8. Free Energy - Dream City
Ready for a sing a long? This one is great and oh so easy. Works best if two or more people in your own car know the song. If not they can just join in for the nah nah nah part.

9. Cults - Go Outside
Well we all want to be outside, not stuck in our cars!

10. Leona Naess - Leave Your Boyfriends Behind (unavailable buy on itunes)
If you pull up next to a guy and you want him to know that you left your boyfriend you can sing selective lines from this song. He'll get the idea. 

11. The Morning Benders - Cold War
This summer there is a rule, this song has to be on every single one of my summer playlists. Also if you pull up next to a hipster they will dig your music choice. Even if you don't dig people who think it is ok to wear wool hats in the middle of summer.

12. Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (unavailable buy on itunes)
Great song to play loud full of noise and awesomeness.

13. Foster the People - Pumped up kicks
Just an awesome summer song declared by bloggers everywhere. Also a great one to play loud

14. Jamaica - I think I like U 2
An awesome jam that you can do the shoulder dance to while driving. Make sure you practice your shoulder dance moves in the mirror beforehand so people don't think you are having a seizure.

15. Niva - The Boy From the Sun
Best song ever to zone out in traffic to.

16. Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee
Happy music to make that grumpy person next to you smile.

17. Stars - We Don't Want Your Body
Someone not so attractive next to you? Play this, they'll be able to take the hint

18. Discobitch/Kylian Mash? - Discobitch
Did you just offend the person next to you by letting them know that you don't want their body? Play this so they know that it's not them you're just a bitch who likes to bois du champagne and piles of money. The song will explain this very clearly.

19. DOM - Living in America
Just to counteract the french let everyone around you know that it's sexy to be living in America. Because it is.

20. CEO - Come With Me
Finally you found the perfect traffic partner who totally digs your music and is dancing right along with you. This one will seal the deal and make you a new friend.

21. Fred Falke - 909 PM At the Beach
Hooorayyyy you made it to the beach!

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