Thursday, July 29, 2010

These United States - Will it Ever

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 I have to say that I am glad to finally have a gray day with some light drizzle so that I can stop playing chillwave songs that all sound the same after some time. As much fun as enjoyable poppy beats can be, I was happy to dive into my ipod this morning. I put it on shuffle and started the morning with Filligar's song "Gray Area" which you can get for free at their website.
       The song that I enjoyed the most this morning was "Will it Ever" by These United States, a band I listened to a lot a few years ago and then kind of forgot about for a while. Now they are back touring in support of their newest album, What Lasts. While this song isn't from their new album, I have to take a second to highly recommend What Lasts. It is worth checking out and one of those lucky finds where every song is good. These United States are a band that will be around for a while. Enjoy.

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