Friday, August 27, 2010

Duke Special - Our Love Goes Deeper Than This

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Peter Wilson, a Belfast "vaudeville" musician, is Duke Special. When he performes he has an old gramophone on stage which is a perfect prop to his music that would have fit in the swinging '20s without a hitch, but they remain modern enough for us to enjoy now. "Our Love Goes Deeper Than This", and many of his other songs, is a glorified show tune, which I mean in the absolute best way. You will be singing along in no time. It sounds like something that could have been in Moulin Rouge with that slight cabaret feel to it. This is one of those songs I can't stop playing.

You can get a free download (price: email address) of his earlier songs here and you can even email your address to him and he will send you a cardboard cd case for the free cd. It's pretty awesome of him to give away his earlier songs and very à la Joe Pug free music mentality. My cabaret top hat goes off to him. (Because Ireland has crazy digital media copyright laws I can not post the song for download, but this other site is hosting it over here for download now.) However, this video will not disappoint, I love the over dramatic flair with a large splash of absurdity and randomness in the mix.

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