Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mouth's Cradle - Summertime

Yup, another summer jam. This one is just as ridiculous as the past ones on NMC but in that joyous it's summertime I'll listen to whatever I want kind of way. It won't take you long to realize where the ukelele came from. Hint: pop radio. The lyrics are so, ummm dope, you might mistake them for Kanye West's tweets strung together. "Its the summertime and the living is swell/ sometimes I think I'm living in a living hell/ so I fry up some toast no butter no jam /don't judge you don't even fuckin know who I am."  Yes, because we all judge people based on the condiments they may or may not use on toast. Regardless, it's a fun jam that you will want to share with friends.


  1. dude this bumps lets hear more from them!!

  2. this is fucking sick

  3. It is a great summer song. More of their songs are out there if you just know where to look. Try the hype machine. :)


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