Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Shaky Hands -Summer's Life

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       This one is a tad on the old side, it came out in 2007, but I just came across it via the I Guess I am Floating blog. I always try and clap along and always fail miserably. I get that it is 4/4 time and that the clapping happens on the off beat just before the 4th count, but no matter how hard I try, my brain can not get my hands to clap at the right time. Clapping has never been my forte. It's a good morning challenge, let me know if you succeed.
        Moving on, this Portland based band is fantastic and if you happen to be in the Portland, OR area this month they are playing a few shows and street festivals, so go check them out. As much as I typically hate band bios and their generic overuse of the same old adjectives, I really liked this description of their debut album: "Their debut album’s 13 tracks glow with a sloppily romantic warmth that’s equal parts summer sunshine and candlelit mellow, pre-party buzz and scruffy day-after fuzziness. The result is a fully formed and confident debut; a big-hearted, starry-eyed bear hug of a record, full of youthful energy and tumbling vigor, just waiting to back new adventures and comfort old friends." Now doesn't that sound nice? There was not a single music word in that description, which is why music writing is so strange sometimes. But I like the idea of having a "sloppily romantic warmth", whatever that means. Listen (click to play) and find out.


  1. Hey Jessica!

    My name Alex Arrowsmith, I'm in The Shaky Hands, and I just wanted to say THANKS for writing us up!! It's great to see non-Portlanders getting into the music and writing such nice things about it. We really appreciate it!!


  2. Thank you for the wonderful song! I have been playing it a lot, but still can't manage to clap in time. If you ever make it out to the east coast, I'd love to catch a show.


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