Sunday, September 5, 2010

Isaiah & Hovey - Can't Help Myself

This is just too much fun not to post. While the beats and samples are simple, and the chorus sometimes gets lost, the flow and rhymes are hard not to like. It is a refreshing change in the hip-hop scene in a Kid Cudi type of way. The rhymes are enjoyable, never too crude, and honest: "Look, I never said / that my song would change the nation / I'm just hoping when it's on / that you don't change the station.". Each line is a hook that keeps you listening for more. Below are more lyrics from "Can't Help Myself":
no need to compose 
let our antics be our anthems
so don't tell me what you think
tell me how you feel
I just came here to chill
and tell you something real
Currently I'm trying to turn
my daydreams into reality
come with me and we can fly to another galaxy
You and me chillin
on the dark side of the moon
listening to Pink Floyd
the sun will be up soon
So blow a kiss to the stars
and we'll call it a night
It's back to earth in the morning, love
and it's a long flight.

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