Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW FEATURE! 100 Bands in 1 Year

Hey everyone, while at the Dan Mangan concert I thought it would be really cool if I could see an absurd amount of musicians perform live in one year. In the days that followed, I became obsessed with this idea and started planning and brainstorming how I was going to do that. My head was inflated with flashes of grandeur and being interviewed by The Boston Globe and other silly things. I created another bare bones blog entirely for this project. Here it is on wordpress. I am trying out all the blogging platforms just for kicks.

Then, I also happened to be talking with a fellow all-star blogger, who is in the big leagues (in my world that means listed on hype machine and totally awesome),  and we decided to go for the goal as a joint blogging team and now this will also be a feature on the always wonderful Sunset in the Rearview. Lydia really knows what she is doing and I am so excited to have some of my writing up on her site.

Make sure you check it out. I won't be posting any of the 100 bands here, but I will provide links to the new reviews as they get posted elsewhere. Although I will still be writing about the really fantastic concerts here. I will also be promoting it via twitter, can follow me there. I am really excited about this project and all of the concerts in the future. I am seeing Telekinesis and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin on Tuesday. So look for those reviews coming up this week.

Dan Mangan was band #1 that got reviewed. Now there are just 99 more to go!

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