Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Listen Local: The Acre

How The Acre Came to Be. Told by the band:
"In the fall of 2005, Nick Murphy and Courtney Cavanaugh started the Acre out of a small dorm room at Bridgewater State College. With the initial goal of playing a few weekly Open Mics, the two armed themselves with a couple of covers and a handful of originals. Fast forward to 2010, the duo is now joined by Steve Rice on bass, Matt Samson on percussion and Danny McNair playing keys and guitar and the Open Mics have turned into club gigs in and around Boston. And as for that fistful of songs, the group turned them into 2009’s the Red Wool."

I came across The Acre by accident, clicking on links on a concert venue website and I landed on their myspace page. I liked what I heard. There is a lot of variety and major differences between songs, some are loud songs that become suddenly subdued, others are quiet lullabies, and some play along the lines of folk/americana songs,  but the common thread is the songwriting and lyrics, and that is what originally caught my attention. They certainly have talent, proven by their songs with well written lyrics that urge you to listen. Nick Murphy and Courtney Cavanaugh's voices meld nicely at the right moments reeling you in, compelling you to sing along.  They are a band to watch, with a new album expected in 2011, it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.

They will be playing at B.U. Central October 2nd, opening for A.A. Bondy.

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