Monday, September 27, 2010

Pesky J. Nixon [Listen Local]

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Photo: Jason Yarn
Pesky J. Nixon recently released their sophomore album, Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes, and sent it my way for a listen. I'm so glad I got to hear their energetic americana music with adept banjo plucking and melodic harmonies that get you listening right from the start. Don't let "americana" through you off though, this is music that can appeal to a wide audience with it's pop sensibilities, well crafted songs, and subtle rock and folk influences. Their songs are a fluid piece of work with a clear voice, making for an enjoyable listen.

I thought "Breathe in Autumn" was the perfect song for last week as summer quietly became fall and the leaves began to change as if they were just waiting for September 22nd to come along. This music feels just right for the fall, whether it is soft and contemplative or more upbeat and sing-along-esque like "Who Will Love You?", there is something about the combination of an accordion, a banjo, and stories told in the form of songs that seems just right for this time of season. Be sure to check out their album, it is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

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  1. Hi. My blog is Oliver di Place, ( I stopped by when I saw that you had a review of Pesky J Nixon. I also reviewed them not long ago, and I had the great pleasure of meeting them at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I'm happy to say that they are not only fine musicians but also great people.

    Anyway, once I got here, I saw that we also have in common that we covered Kingsley Flood. That was enough for me. I added you to my blogroll, and I look forward to stopping in when I can and seeing what you're up to. Keep up the good work.


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