Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stuff people were blogging about this week that I was indifferent towards

There were a couple of big things going on this week that everyone was all a buzz about but I didn't feel the need to mention it. But now that it is a lazy Sunday and I'm in my comfy clothes anxiously awaiting the start of the football season, I guess I can fill you in.

1. Bandcamp is dead...well not really, but close to it. This is a site where you can get a lot of music direct from musicians for free or name your own price and has been one of my favorite ways of discovering new music. Now Bandcamp is changing it's policies and allowing an artist a predetermined number of free downloads. It changes the whole game and has bands and music fans alike in a tizzy.

2. Sufjan Stevens's new song is free on bandcamp (at least for now). People have mixed feelings about it. I have never been enough of a Sufjan fan to form an opinion on it. He tries new things and I appreciate that, but I don't have the attention span for songs over six minutes.

3. Belle & Sebastian's new song, "Write About Love" is available for free too. There is also an accompanying video but I still haven't been able to watch it because it makes my computer go crazy every time I try to load it. The new song is catchy and fun and typical Belle & Sebastian.

4. As predicted, a bunch of people are remixing and mashing up Cee-Lo's "F**k You" song, some are good, lots are terrible, and I'm tired of hearing about it. The radio version inserts "Forget You" instead of swearing and the song totally loses appeal. This website collected most of the remixes and spoofs for you.

And that takes care of all the buzzy stuff that didn't deserve a week day blog post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here is my favorite song of the day, does anything sound more like fall than this?

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