Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Week's BUZZZ in Review

This week started off with the VMA's and most people could have cared less. Ryan Adams sent funny tweets the day after they aired saying he was excited to go to the VMAs. I laughed. And the bloggers at Pigeon's and Planes did the best recap I read (actually it was the only recap I read) of the whole thing, which was more than enough for me. Kudos to them.
The best performance was the least main stream artist there, Florence and the Machine. Kanye's song that debuted it the most obnoxious asinine thing I've ever heard. Why would anyone want to make a toast to an asshole? Really. But if you feel the need to hear that song, "Runway", you can download it here. I'll try not to judge you. Oh, and this epic 7:30 min. Kanye song also dropped yesterday. See what you think and take a listen.

Warpaint doesn't even have an album out but they are making the rounds. All the people who have seen them live have raved about them and now they have this song out for free. Look for their debut full length album October 25th. I like it, I think, I can't really decide actually my ear drum is all busted.

Then there was the excitement surrounding the new Tallest Man On Earth songs that appeared this week and everyone posted the songs and is excited to hear more from him,blah blah blah. So now that I've waited a few days here are the songs coming from me. Don't get me wrong, I like him a lot, I really love his Swedish ways, but I am never in a rush to post what everyone else is posting. 
The Tallest Man On Earth is releasing a new EP titled Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird. “Like The Wheel” a song from the EP, is being given away for free. Get it below. Buy the EP here. And enjoy your weekend.

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