Monday, September 20, 2010

Listen Local the Boston Music Scene

I want to let everyone know that I am working hard on creating a mixtape and writing blog posts that feature local Boston area bands. The culmination of this project will be a mixtape that I will be distributing to other Boston bloggers, as well as to a few bloggers outside of the local scene. The mixtape should be ready in a month, but in the meantime I will be exposing you to some of my favorite local artists as I work on getting this project together.

 My goal  is to help local bands achieve the recognition that they deserve on a local and hopefully national level. Boston is a musically diverse city with all sorts of different shows being played on any given night. The more time I have spent going to concerts, the more I have been impressed and surprised by the talent that is hidden among us here in Boston. Hopefully I can help showcase some of what I have experienced.

Lastly, as this project is a work in progress, (and something I am doing for free and because I love music) if you could help spread the word or if you want to help out, I would really appreciate it. You can reach me via e-mail (jessnewmusicco [at] gmail) or on Twitter.

  • If you are a band and would like to be a part of this please e-mail me or find me on twitter. 
  • If you have a reccomendation for me about a band let me know
  • If you are a designer or artist and want to do the cover art for this, it would be a huge help.
  • Anybody else, comments, questions, and feedback are all greatly appreciated.  
Thanks everyone, and I am very excited to be sharing this with all of you.

1 comment:

  1. Hey...I'm a Boston music blogger so this is obviously an awesome idea in my opinion!! 3 bands/singers from the area for you to check out are:

    Chad Perrone
    Tim Blane
    Mrs. Danvers

    Awesome blog though :)

    Check mine out if you have a chance - I just started it last week.



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