Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Forest City Lovers - Tell Me, Cancer

Forest City Lovers dwell in Toronto but have been on the road for some time and those experiences are what shape their songs. They are a pop group I suppose, but the brand of canadian pop that can be lumped in with other polaris prize nominees like Dan Mangan. So it is more along the lines of good music you can sing along to. This is the music I am drawn to the most and what I mainly listened to before I got into music blogging, so when I come across bands like this my heart swells and I get a little over excited. Take a listen, this one goes best with pumpkin beer and an autumn mixtape.

This is probably one of my new favorite bands, I just came across them on CBC radio, so that aren't new per se, just new to me. However, this is a brand new video for their song Tell Me, Cancer. It is worth waiting through the end when the music picks up.

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