Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dan Mangan - Robots

Dan Mangan is a Vancouver musician who really made a mark on the music scene in 2009 and received rave reviews after his performances at SXSW that year. His praises have been sung by many critics, many of whom say he is the next best thing to come out of Canada. The most commented upon aspect of his music is that his lyrics combined with his gravely voice are absolute perfection. His sophomore album, Nice, Nice, Very Nice, (the title is a reference to a Kurt Vonnegut poem=awesome!) came out in 2009 but is not expected to be released in the states until sometime this year. You can of course listen to songs from that album on his myspace. He is one of those rare artists where you actually want to listen to each and every one of his songs, a lot of that has to do with his subtle humor, creative hooks, and general intrigue that lives in each of his songs. Some other highly suggested songs of his are: Sold, the indie queens are waiting, road regrets, and Tina's Glorious comeback (yes, the tina in that song IS Tina Turner). He is for sure an artist to keep your eye on in the future. Listen and love. 
And that little voice In the back of your mind
Just wants you to know, Just hopes you know
Robots need love too
They want to be loved by you
They want to be loved by you

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