Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter Songs

So I don't really care for the movies as much as I do the books. But my sister on the other hand, who finally started reading this blog, could probably crush the most devoted fans at Harry Potter movie trivia. In fact, every time there is a Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family, I seem to catch her watching it, even though I think she owns all the movies. Oh yeah, she's also 21. So this post is really for her benefit, but maybe you'll find some of these songs as amusing as I do.

This is really the best I've got. This uses some auto-tuned audio clips from the movie. You will be able to recognize it and it makes me laugh. This is one of my more favorite things out there, as the rest of what you will find is painfully amateur.

Like this one...which toes the line of being painful using "Feelin' fly like it's Quidditch" instead of "feelin' so fly like a G6" a song that bothered me from the very beginning. But with half a million views, I guess some people like it.

Then if you are tired of seeing the trailer, why not spice it up a bit by using Hans Zimmerman's score for Inception as the soundtrack. It works brilliantly and made me remember how much I loved driving with that song blaring this summer.

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