Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zach Hurd - Till the Morning (Sides A & B)

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Sometimes all a song needs to be good is to play at the exact right moment. I woke up earlier than usual today, anxious and agitated, with my ears still ringing from last night's concert. I checked my inbox and pressed play and ambled through the rest of my morning routine. Before I knew it, I was smiling and sipping my coffee feeling much more relaxed and ready to start the day. Had I heard this any other morning, it might have fallen by the wayside, but not today.

In most of Zach Hurd's songs, the shimmery acoustic guitar pop tends to give way to melancholy lyrics. That little glimmer of hope and optimism that comes through in the hand claps, various layers of sounds and vocals, as well as ahhhs and ooohs, keep things bright. These songs are the perfect bittersweet pill that the doctor prescribed for when you wake up in a hazy fog of stress and discontentment, it's sure to mellow you out.

Till the Morning (Sides A & B) I really liked, especially the notion that people can be "all filled up like a bottle of gin" as Zach sings in the opening verse. Go here to stream the full album.


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