Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peter Bradley Adams - The Longer I Run

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About two years ago this was my theme song. I loved it so much that I ignored all the religious overtones and reveled in the lyrics, song craftmanship, and Peter Bradley Adams' soothing voice. I vividly remember driving back from a wonderful winter weekend in the Alps with my friends with this song playing in the background as I navigated windy dark roads back to the city. Even though I have played this song hundreds of other times since then, I love how music connects itself to one specific moment in one's memory.

At the time I was in a funk, one that I seem to still be stuck in today, where I am obsessed with physically moving in order to avoid any real responsibilities. As one of my favorite quotes goes, "Bending over backwards to keep from having to go forwards" (via Brian Andreas) I have been known to do some pretty snazzy tricks to bend backwards, but recently, I can't even muster the strength for it.

So here I am after returning from a last minute trip to far off lands, feeling like I'm right back where I started. As I slowly put myself back together, I find the one thing that helps are epic playlists with lots of lost and lonely traveling voices to put me at ease. One of the first songs I went to was this one. If there are lots more like this posted in the near future, now you will know why. The lyrics of the first verse captivated me from my very first listen and always seem to give my heart a little jolt hearing a part of my life articulated in this song.
When my blood runs warm with the flow of red wine
I miss the life that I left behind
When I hear the sound of the black bird's cry
I know I left in the nick of time. 
Well this road I'm on is going to turn to sand, 
And leave me lost in a far off land. 
So let me ride the wind 'till I don't look back, 
and forget the life that I almost had.

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