Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Cozy Sweater

When autumn Sundays roll around I often feel like I should be reviewing the comfy sweaters instead of music. I am not the type of girl who obsesses over shoes or purses, instead it's sweaters and jackets that get purchased a little too often. On Sunday mornings I get excited to put on one of my many sweaters with a favorite pair of jeans or leggings and let the day unfold in epic laziness, possibly a brunch, and later appetizer making and beer purchasing for the football games ahead. It is just what I do, probably one of the best routines ever, and is why I much prefer a Sunday afternoon to a Saturday night.  The really essential piece of this routine is that feeling of all day comfort from a warm, over sized sweater.

I'm not sure if I explained that quite right, I could write a 2,000 word essay on cozy sweaters and then some, and maybe only fellow sweater  aficionados would understand. But alas, this is a music blog so maybe I should tell you how certain songs have similar characteristics to my favorite sweater. Sunday songs must pair well with making spinach artichoke or chipotle black bean dip at noon on sunday. They also must have that familiar aspect that oozes with comforting lyrics and melodies. I don't know if I can make this a regular sunday feature but I can try.

So today's song that makes me feel almost as good as a grey waffle knit sweater is an old one from Seattle's Cataldo (he is originally from the same Idaho town as Josh Ritter). It is simple and beautiful, I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with this artist if you haven't already. The opening lyrics say it all, and oh my is that a banjo I hear? "It's been five years coming and one thing I can attest are the simple songs of hope I wrote have always been my best."

(via Fuel/Friends blog)

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