Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things to do during long layovers in the most boring airport ever...

1. Buy overpriced internet access. I hate doing this times a million, but sometimes it is necessary. I'm of the belief that life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and free internet are rights every human deserves. Finland knows what's up.

2. Pick a person in a duty free shop and follow them around for a while. People do remarkably strange things in there and purchase even stranger things for outlandish prices.

3. Dance party. Often times, especially in an international terminal, there are long stretches of hallway with no one in sight for hundreds of meters. Use your headphones or use your computer speakers like I did and play something that keeps you awake and moving before you begin your long seated journey. You'll thank me for this. Sometimes you make friends this way too.

4. Build a playlist that is exactly the length of your flight. I just made an eight hour 112 song playlist that I am very excited to queue up. I also caught up on all my favorite music blogs and downloaded some new wonders like this one, an Edward Sharpe side project, that I hope to share with you.

5. Eavesdrop. I know it's rude or whatever but doesn't everyone do it? Well, I do. Then I try and guess where they are going and if it is for business or pleasure. Every once in a while I get up the courage to actually ask. If you play this with another person it is a fantastic game and you can keep score. 

6. Play spot the American. If this is too easy, I also enjoy Spot the Frenchie, Russian, or Italian.

7. Write the most meaningless blog post of your life but be too tired and bored to care.

In the past six hours I have done all of this and so much more. Like watching Cubans inhale some of the sketchiest barbecued chicken I have seen in a long time. I know they were Cuban because I also like to play read people's passports and airline tickets. I have excellent vision. Eight of them also cut me in line so I didn't feel bad about staring.

 But the part you probably care about is the music. Well, it's coming. Starting tomorrow I will go back to posting regularly. And with the one year anniversary of the blog around the corner get prepared for some BIG surprises. Now that you all think I am a freak just keep these activities in the back of your mind for the next time you are at an airport and I promise you, you won't drain your phone battery by texting meaningless conversations or playing tetris while you wait. If you read this all then kudos and thanks for checking in with the blog.

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