Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jason Spooner - Seed in the Ground

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This is the kind of music I listen to on trains. During the kind of train rides where my face is nearly pressed against the plexi-glass staring out at leafless trees and the sad vision of run down houses that flash before my eyes, it is that desolate eastern landscape that makes me want to pack up and drive west at least four days out of the week. Anyway, this song is perfect for those train rides. "Breathing, on that window/put me on a fast train underground/living, lost in limbo/ worried about the times I'm not around." While it is a song that is about a relationship that fails to bloom, it's not neccesarily the lyrics that get my attention. Sometimes it is that longing harmonica that make me think of sitting on the caboose of a boxcar (harmonicas always sound like they are coming from that place and the player of said harmonica is always wearing overalls in these fantasies) or not wanting to let someone down, is what gets my attention and makes me dive for my ipod before the song changes so I can see who is singing it.

Seed in the Ground

You can also get a free download of his HERE. It is a great cover of Dylan's "Girl from the North Counrty" with Dar Williams. Definitely worth a listen

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I work with Jason and want to thank you for appreciating his wonderful music and for telling others about him too. We offer free song downloads by Jason and other very talented singer-songwriters, so please visit our site to collect them. Feel free to share them with your friends too. Hope you enjoy!
    Linda Baker
    Mishara Music


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