Monday, December 27, 2010

Matt Pond PA - Snow Day

I went to bed when there was about five inches on the ground and woke up to find 16 more had accumulated over night, and it's still snowing. I know people outside of the New York/Boston target zone don't want to hear about our snowpocolypse (which is also being tagged as #SnowLoko and #SNOMG) but it does come with a good song.

Matt Pond PA was one of the first artists that I became obsessed with nearly 8 years ago, and at the time it seemed nobody else had heard of him, so I went around telling all my friends about him and got them hooked too. Now a lot of people dismiss his music as too vanilla but I think he still has something going on and I will always buy his albums. And I think I will always blindly love his songs. Plus this song is just perfect for today.

If you are lucky enough to take the day off and play in the snow, enjoy it. The snow is what makes the rest of the cold winter worth it. Who can complain about a snow day?While I'm not busy sledding or shoveling, I'll be sitting by the fire listening to music and drinking some beer.

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