Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Due Dilligance - I will wreck your life

I was hooked at first listen by this song, especially it's lyrics "I will wreck your life, but a little more slowly/not like heroin but much more like booze." I like the precision of that statement and then I was very much taken with the rest of the song as it ambles down a rocky americana path of destruction. I keep singing "I will wreck your life" over and over, I can't make it stop. Due Diligence accomplished their kickstarter goal and will be pressing vinyl in the near future which is exciting since I currently see no way to purchase their music yet. They're also on a tour and headed south from Philadelphia at the moment, see if they're playing near you.

I also have to say that I found Due Diligence after listening to Shakey Graves and falling head over heels down the rabbit hole into obsession with his music. Shakey Graves is fantastic but after reading Jim's post on it over at Draw Us Lines there just isn't much more I could say about it. Other than you need to listen to it. There is hardly any information available on Shakey Graves other than he worked with Isaac Gillespie of New York on his album, so I went to go check him out which led me to Due Diligence. Check out all the linkage you won't be disappointed. 

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