Thursday, January 27, 2011

Listen Local: Marc Pinansky

Give it up for the best beard on the local music scene, belonging to Marc Pinansky.  I've seen him as an opening act a couple of times and while he tends to just sit on a stool and strum his guitar, he has the ability to catch the gathering crowd's attention every time. Maybe it's the power of the beard, or the boyish grin he sports when he gets the applause, but it's most likely his easy-going songs that will have you swaying along in no time that do the trick.

All of his music is now on bandcamp and very much worth checking out. Get his song "Big Ol' Bull" for free. He is currently touring around New York and will stop back in Boston for a show with Mason Jennings on February 12th (sorry it's sold out) before he takes off to Vermont for some more shows. Here's one of my favorite songs, but be sure to check out the rest of his offerings, especially his latest EP, January. 

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