Thursday, January 27, 2011

Noisetrade Music: Andrew Belle

Noise Trade, it is a service for artists to put out their music for their fans. In return for an email address and helps promote their music with a tweet or a facebook message prompt. You also have the option of leaving a "tip" for the artist as well. It is a little more forceful than bandcamp but doesn't quite have the large array (mostly singer/songwriters) of artists on it. However, I think this service is one that should be highlighted so I'd like to point you towards some albums that are for "free" this month but I encourage you to leave a tip or find a way to support the artist. Get tunes after the jump.

Andrew Belle - The Ladder (2010) Belle is one of the 10 of Tenn artists and people really love him especially if they like John Mayer, Joshua Radin, Trent Dabbs and the likes. I was shocked to see that this album is available for free. But just for a short time so pick it up here and give it a spin.

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