Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Mine, You Sad Bastard Mixtape

Looks like a good mixtape huh? Well you can only get it if you become a follower of the facebook page.  You'll find the .zip file on facebook. Go get it. 

This isn't your Elliot Smith kind of sad bastard mixtape. No, it's more of an angry mix that makes you want to shout along until it tapers off into a dismal spiral of the many types of failed relationships until it gets topped off with a smidgen of compassion and optimism at the end. It seems to be a real representation of the way things tend to go. The mixtape takes you from the raw emotion of track 2's lyrics "So I'll take true love, and I'll cut it up with scissors, and I'll throw it in the fireplace" to the sad realization on track 8 that "only one thing's certain, that's everybody, everybody's hurting" and then to Dr. Dog's uplifting song, "We're all in it together now, cause we all fall apart, we're swapping little pieces of our broken little hearts." I hope you enjoy it from the little pieces of my heart to yours.

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