Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cotton Jones - Sit Beside Your Vegetables

This new Cotton Jones EP, Sit Beside Your Vegetables, is a lovable umbrella for four songs. I've always really liked Cotton Jones but I think this EP just solidified a higher status, one a little closer to love and obsession. Their EP can be found and purchased here.

"Down beside em" invites you to sit in their Cumberland garden "for that moment I was no one, nowhere, just sitting in a garden" which sounds delightful and is filled with images of bending bean stalks, you can almost smell the soil as the gentle bass line plods along. The instrumental "Lune chatter" is like a modern take on the Pied Piper calling all the children to follow him and they all march out of town. It's magnetic and you'll be following right along. "Egg On a Sea" is a great duet with the married couple telling a story of girl who is trouble with a capital T, it's charming and sounds like a warm summer night. Then there is "Good In Every Word" with "Been listening to the heart, there's so much good in every word" which is a pleasing song in every sense and comes around with more talk of laying down places which seems to be the theme here. Cotton Jones' music continues to be all of your happiest summer memories encapsulated in songs that shimmer, and I can't help but love them for that. So seriously go buy it for $3.56 it will be far more pleasing than that afternoon coffee you are thinking of buying for the same price.
I did get to see them play last night when they opened for Nicole Atkins at Brighton Music Hall and it kills me when the opener is better than the headlining act. This was the fourth time I've seen them and it was just as good as ever. Their closing song is still the same jubilant version of Somehow to Keep it Going , where the whole band pitches in singing along. I highly recommend seeing them if you can, it seems like they're always touring so hopefully you can.

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