Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lia Ices - Grown Unknown [Album Review]

Lia Ices' debut LP, Grown Unknown, could lead to her being classified as a singer/songwriter (itunes did) but there is a little something extra floating around in all of her songs that clearly set her apart from the rest, or what one might assume a singer/songwriter to sound like. Her songs are crafted around her high voice that seemingly floats above the instruments no matter if she is using strings, piano, guitar, or tambourines. Even with the variety of instruments, her songs come across as minimalist and her voice is what leaves an impression song after song. The standout track is clearly "Daphne" in which her label mate, Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), contributes his distinct vocals.

Frankly, "Daphne", "Grown Unknown" and "Love is Won" are the most enticing and complex on her entire album and the rest pale in comparison and unfortunately blend together in a boring way. It's like getting two wonderfully perfect bites of a chocolate souffle only to eat the rest and find out that what's remaining is drier and lacking the consistency of those first delicate bites. But then again, it's still chocolate souffle so it's not a total let down. Buy on amazon. Suggested tracks: Daphne, Grown Unknown, Love is Won, and Ice Wine.

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