Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jenny O. - Won't Let You Leave (Spirit Animal Remix)

If ever a song was mean to be played through headphones it was this one, well a few others come to mind too, but right now it's all about this song. Grab your best noise canceling pair, put them on, press play. Every single noise that emanates is perfect and exactly where it belongs. The original version of this song always left me wanting more, but this version amplifies that feeling by the power of infinity. I'm not the biggest fan of remixes but Spirit Animal does it right. The remix leaves the spirit of the indie-pop song intact but adds a handful of new elements and rearranges parts that do nothing but enhance this already wonderful song. I first saw this on Their Bated Breath, so thanks to David for that. I've been playing this one non-stop.

Jenny O. has only released an E.P. to date, which I happily spent $4 on at bandcamp. You can get her song "Well OK Honey" for free there as well. It is easily one of the best E.P.s of 2010, a perfect five songs that leave you wanting more, so hopefully an L.P. is in the near future. Listen to the original "Won't Let You Leave" below. Then go buy it. Highly recommended.

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