Thursday, February 3, 2011

néGar - Off The Ground

néGar sent me an email that piqued my interest "I grew up splitting my time between Abu Dhabi and Canada. This obvious divide between cultural traditions, and most importantly, the wide spread repression I witnessed throughout the Middle East sparked a desire to explore myself creatively, which led me to music.I think you'll be glad that she found music as her creative outlet when you listen to this song. She has a smokey deep voice that's hard to get out of your head, not unlike Cher and I mean that as a compliment.
I chose "Off the ground" simply because I listened to it as I skated across icy sidewalks yesterday falling only 3 times, the lyrics are perfect for it. "OK don't fall down, yeah/ As I hit the ground, woah/ it made that awful sound/ but I still can't get my head off the ground." Everyone is falling today, I plan to spend my lunch break sitting outside watching people fall just for a good laugh (I swear I'll help them stand back up, I'm not that cruel). I know the song speaks to deeper levels than falling in public but that is what is so great about music; you can adapt it to fit whatever emotion or event you want. And during slippery times like these, this song is perfect and will always make me think of the great snowfall of 2011.

If you go to her bandcamp page and listen to her EP, her songs start to deviate from the pop singer you might assume she is based on this song. Each song gets progressively more ominous as she morphs from pop singer to rocker. You can get her song "woman" as a free download on band camp as well. Enjoy.

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