Monday, March 7, 2011

Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High

I loved this song from the australian indie-pop group when I first heard it. I loved their album Case We Die deeply, and yes this foray into mainstream indie pop means their sound has changed drastically since then. I miss that, but I'm also OK with the new stuff. It has that amazing quality where it just sounds great no matter the situation. I love blasting it before I go out, subtly dancing to it on my walk to work, and I like just having it on in the background. It's catchy, poppy, a little bit cheesy, and the best part is that is means Architecture in Helsinki is back and the new album titled Moment Bends due April 8th (May 3rd in the US) on Modular. The video after the jump is very much worth watching. It involves making out with inanimate objects, no joke. 

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