Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daniel Romano - Time Forgot (to change my heart)

I've only heard this one song from the forthcoming album but I'm quite certain I'll be buying this one. Daniel Romano reminds me of Justin Townes Earle in the sense that he's putting a modern spin on country but drawing directly from the old legends with just the right amount of twang. When I saw his album written up on Quick Before it Melts the name sounded familiar and a search in my itunes library revealed that I had about half of his previous album, Workin' For the Music Man. All it took was five seconds of listening to "A Losing Song" and it was like an echo from the summer, just one that took six months to travel back to me. It was a song I listened to countless times without ever knowing who sang it and now my excitement for his second album has multiplied. Sleep Beneath the Willow will be released on April 5th by You've Changed Records. A big thanks to those wonderful Canadian blogs (Quick Before it Melts and I (heart) Music)  for raving about his album.

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