Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Redbird - Oh Please My Heart

I've been looking rather hard these past few days for a song to fall in love with because it feels like it's been awhile even though I've been overwhelmed by mass amounts of music the past few weeks. In music blogger terms of time that means it's been about 12 days or since I posted that Monogrenade song I played twenty times in one day. 

I've been digging hard in the Seattle music scene but some of those bands out there are scared of the internet or something because while I saw multiple recommendations for certain bands on various forums they were absurdly hard to find on the internets. I'm talking no bandcamp page, or just a shitty myspace page with only one song, no website, tumblr, or twitter. Yet the bands had shows booked at various locales and cds for sale but no means of previewing the songs. So I moved up north to trusty Vancouver where there is always something wonderful brewing. 

That's how I came to find Redbird, a band that is recording their debut EP, yet has a totally functional and well laid out website (Seattle bands take note!). Their EP should be out soon but in the meantime they have appeased their fans with this video for their lovely acoustic version of their song "Oh Please My Heart". It's enough to keep me looking out for their debut EP. 

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