Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mixtapes of Yore #2

The instant I saw this one I knew it would be perfect for Mixtapes of Yore. As I flipped through my CD case I guffawed when I saw this one from 2005. Clearly the title "A random mix that has no hidden meaning!" must mean something. But what is it? I had to play it and find out. A few memories floated to the surface as I listened and I guffawed some more.

Turns out this aptly titled mix is rather difficult to decipher as it spans top 40, reggae or whatever Less than Jake and Pepper are, indie, and country. Although it does have a distinguished flavor of boozy disappointment to it, which sounds about right for the end of freshman year. Truth is, before this mix was made there was a heavy hitter of a mix that I remember all too well, where you just had to read the song titles to get the gist of it. This mix was an attempt to salvage some of those songs which were on heavy rotation in 04-05 and act like they meant nothing by throwing them in with some popular songs and other favorites before they became associated with bitterness. In that case, this mix was a success because listening to it now it sounds so much like freshman year that I can practically smell my dorm room, and that constant lingering scent of Bacardi Razz.

1. Less Than Jake - Liquor Store 
2. Martin Sexton - Hallelujah
3. Joseph Arthur - In the sun (mp3 is with Michael Stipe & Joseph Arthur)
4. Ben Folds - Bruised 
5. Dave Matthews Band - Say Goodbye 
6. Dave Matthews Band - Best of What's Around 
7. 3 Doors Down - Landing in London
8. Hot Hot Heat - Talk to me, Dance with me
9. Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes 
10. The Band - Atlantic City (best version ever)
11. Bleu Edmondson - Travelin' Man 
12. Brett James - Chasing Amy 
13. Keith Urban - You Look Good in My Shirt
14. Semisonic - Never You Mind 
15. Spoon - The Way We Get By
16. Ben Lee - Begin 
17. Incubus - I Miss You
18. Toby Keith - Talking bout tonight
19. Pepper - Give It Up 
Classy mix, I know. Moderately high on the embarrassing factor, saved only by a handful of decent songs that I still listen to, and yes I do have a soft spot for country music. I have to admit that it was a rather fun listen. So until next week, where more musical embarrassment awaits. 

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