Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thomas Tantrum - Sleep (RAC Remix)

"Wakey, wakey, its time to wake up now." Ends up being a little more upbeat than what I'd like to wake up to on a Sunday, so I'm giving it to you now as a Saturday reminder to get out of bed and enjoy the day. Thomas Tantrum is a Southampton band who happens to be giving away their ep in exchange for an e-mail address over on their home page. You can watch the original more jangly version of "Sleep" here. It seems like the remix smoothed this song out a little, really polishing it up, giving it a different feel from the original.

To download use this link: Thomas Tantrum - Sleep (RAC Remix)

I'm trying out this new player so that you can skip halfway through songs if you want, that's how I prefer to evaluate songs myself, so let me know what you think. It seems like it might be slow and it's also ugly so I'll be looking for suggestions. Thanks!

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