Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Tower of Dudes - Drink, Fuck, Drive Truck

Once upon a time I spent the best semester of my life in Prague. The city has rooted itself deep within my heart and was the gateway for my now incurable wanderlust. However, I never expected to hear about a cow-punk band coming from there. Sure, there were plenty of accordion buskers and the such, but this is folk-punk and silly stories complete with a full backing of folk instruments kind of band. This particular song has a little cajun sound thanks to the accordion, mixed with a backwoods sounding banjo. It's rightfully sloppy, a little drunken, but overall has that unusual awesome-sauce appeal. The Tower of Dudes call Prague home and are actually invading the U.S. as I post this. If you are in San Francisco, check them out! If you aren't stupidly shouting along "All I want to do is: drink, fuck, drive truck!" by the end of this, I might judge you.
Also for further, less profane, amusement an extra song...

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