Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cameron McGill & What Army - Counterfeit

I've been waiting for this album, Is A Beast, ever since I saw Cameron McGill open for Margot & The Nuclear So So's (which he is also a part of). Much of this album was made possible through his successful kickstarter campaign. The night I saw him perform, and I believe this holds true for most of his shows, he sported a 3 piece suit and sat down at his keyboard and proceeded to enchant the crowd, little of who knew of him before hand. If you like some solid piano rock and stories wrapped up in songs, I highly recommend checking out this talented musician and his album which was released on April 12th. Stream the album here.


  1. this 'sophmore' album is actually his 6th release. i think there might be more eps and single releases.

    stories of the knife and the back
    street ballads & murderesques
    hold on beauty
    warm songs for cold shoulders
    deserters ep
    is a beast

  2. don't know what happened there. I need an editor. Thanks for correcting me.


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