Friday, April 29, 2011

The Inebriations

Once upon a time in my early days of blogging, there was a music submission waiting with an enticing band name.  Unfortunately, what I heard was not something I would post, and I tried to give my best constructive feedback. Nearly a year later, I got another e-mail and because the band name is so memorable and likable I knew exactly who it was. I listened with trepidation and was so excited that I liked it (really liked it!) and with the direction that Dave took the music, that I nearly peed my pants. It's now amongst the favorite blogging stories.
The original music I heard was something along the lines of a bass/duo thing. This new demo is leaps and bounds, hell, a million miles away from that.  Dave came across an old bowlback mandolin and went for the Americana sound and he does it well. The band name even fits better now. Seeing The Inebriations, a one man band, transform from one sound to something different serves as a good reminder to never write off a band completely. I'm looking forward to seeing where Dave takes this in the future. The EP is available for free on bandcamp, go listen. You can like The Inebriations on facebook too.

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