Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jennie Abrahamson - Wolf Hour

Jennie Abrahamson first came across my radar and went straight to my heart with her captivating and irresistible song "Hard to Come By". She just released another song (it's a free download) off of her third album, the brand new The Sound of Your Beating Heart. The album title is very apropos since every song has it's own strong, and very human, heartbeat. This Swedish songstress has such a hypnotizing voice, she can do no wrong. Not to mention all of her songs have wonderful arrangements with a lot of depth that keep you coming back for more. "Wolf Hour" has some dramatic strings and paired with the piano bass line, it's pop perfection. Unfortunately, you can only buy her album if you live in the Nordic countries. But you can watch a sampling of her album here. It will be released worldwide come Fall of this year, I can't wait. Enjoy the new song. I already have it blasting through my speakers.

 Wolf Hour (single mix & edit) by hstsound

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