Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jennie Abrahamson - Hard to Come By

Holy moly and 1,000 other stronger expletives. This song blew me away, is currently blowing me away, I can't possibly play it loud enough, and it's worthy of obsession. Jennie Abrahamson is Swedish and makes beautiful pop songs that she releases on her own label, How Sweet the Sound. This particular song has been jumping up on charts all over Sweden and it's easy to see why between her sweet voice and the loud percussion, you won't be able to get enough of it. If you like Lykke Li, Oh Land....actually, scratch all that, if you like music, this is for you. Thank you Jennie, this is making my week.
For a slight change of pace you must watch this gorgeous stripped down version of the song featuring her friends Ane Brun and Elin Ruth Sigvardsson. It is stunning. (after jump)

P.S. If you go to her website you can submit your email for a free download of her other amazing song "I Lost My Heart".

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