Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Larcenist - We Become the Hunted Free EP

The more local bands I listen to, the more I realize that Boston tends to cultivate a distinct style. I've heard this from many people over the past year, but I liked to believe that Boston had a little bit of everything. I've quickly learned that there is indeed one dominating sound that suits Boston quite well. Of course there are the punk, goth, electronic, and outrageous rock bands to be found in the city, but the core sound that Boston is known for is an amalgamation of folk/rock with a heavy dose of americana. I once heard someone explain it by saying "they're all rock bands in Bahston, but it's wicked smaht rock." Larcenist are a great example of this sound, but I don't mean to say they sound like everyone else either.
Their americana roots shine through in the story telling lyrics and with the addition of the violin played in every song (and especially stands out on the track "Proud Life") on the EP. Sometimes in bands it seems like the violin is just something that's there because one band member happens to be able to play it, but in this case it is just as prominently featured and as adeptly played as the guitar. It fits well and adds depth to the thoughtful music. Larcenist's EP is available as a free download on bandcamp, so hurry over and get it. You can expect a full length from them later this year.

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