Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spirit Kid - You Lit Up For Me

Spirit Kid made it to the finals of the Rock n' Roll Rumble on a wild card. The Rumble is a Boston event where local bands are slotted against each other each night and given a score by judges to determine the winner of each night. It made for an energetic month of concerts that kept me out way too late on weeknights. But it was worth it to see so much of the local talent at one event.

Spirit Kid is the moniker for Emeen Zarookian as he sang, wrote, and recorded the entire self-titled album himself.  The music is just happy enough pop music that can help you forget how stupid the world is today. After the first listen you'll realize that the music is a tip of the hat to pop stars of the past, call it retro-pop if you like. It's music to make you smile, listen, and dance along. Buy the album on Bandcamp and name your price for the EP which is embedded below.

Upcoming shows: 
May 1st at the May Fair in Harvard Square 3pm
May 5th at TT the Bear's Place

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