Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Claytor & His Friends - Hairpins

Even though these days I usually wake up magically surrounded by paper wristbands and ticket stubs, as though elves collected them and hid them in my bed while I slept, there was a time not so long ago when I instead woke up to a boyfriend who was kindly collecting my hairpins that I always left on the bed side table to return them to me. It became a running joke that I was actually leaving them there on purpose. Anyway, that's the premise of this Americana song by Michael Claytor & His Friends from Florida. I think many people can relate to the little wonders of finding things a boyfriend/girlfriend has left behind either on purpose or by accident, sometimes it can be a really pleasant reminder that someone was around to keep you company. I've been so enamored with this song I forgot to post it months ago. Watch the acoustic duet version with his friend Sam Moss here. Found via Nine Bullets.

The entire album is a free and highly recommended download on bandcamp. Go get it!

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