Friday, April 22, 2011

MIXTAPE: It's Always Spring in College

I made a mix for my sister who likes country, hip hop, and anything she can blast during dorm parties. Making a mix she likes is no easy task and I usually try and hide indie songs that I like between songs she likes. This mix sounds like spring time in college and it makes me miss the days of campus golf, bbqs and kegs in the park, frats blasting music on the quad, crazy dangerous slip n' slides, and nights of endless fun with all my friends. It's 60% stuff I wouldn't post on the blog but it's nice to listen to something completely different from time to time. You can listen to the shuffled 8 tracks version or if you go to my facebook page you might just find a download link for the mix.
Track Listing: 

1. I'm From Barcelona - Always Spring
2. Dj DOYOU - Stuntin' like Mufasa (Simba vs. Lil Wayne)
3. Crystal Fighters - At Home (Pony Pony Run Run Mix)
4. The Cave Singers - Swim Club
5. American Babies - Dance All Night
6. The Knocks - Dancing with the DJ (Campfire Acoustic)
7. Dirty Gold - California Sunrise
8. Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)
9. Bearstronaut - Moniker
10. Chiddy Bang - Heatwave (ft. Mac Miller)
11. It's the Dean's List - Dear Professor
12. Classified - That Ain't Classy
13. Brenton Duvall - Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs (Wiz Khalifa vs. TayTay Swift)
14. The Knocks - Dancing with the DJ (Chiddy Bang Remix)
15. Theophilus London - Starry Eyed (remix)
16. Sims - Future Shock
17. Childish Gambino - Freaks & Geeks
18. The White Panda - I Want Brooklyn Back
19. XV - When We're Done
20. Girl Talk - This is the Remix
21. Black Light Dinner Party - Older Together
22. Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (ft. IRFANE)
23. Avicii - Street Dancer (Tristan Garner Remix)


  1. the mediafire link is set to private ... this mixtape looks dope! id love to add it to the itunes ~ DJB

  2. oops don't know how that happened. Link should work now.


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